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Ellena West Osteopathy

Registered Osteopath in South Bristol

Osteopathy is a recognised, safe and effective form of physical therapy.

All Osteopaths in the UK are fully trained and registered with the GOSC, which promotes effective treatment and patient safety by setting and maintaining high standards of osteopathic practice and conduct.

Osteopathy works from the basis that that the well-being of an individual depends on the skeleton, muscles, ligaments and connective tissues functioning smoothly together.

When posture and movement patterns break down we can be prone to injury, mechanical pain or stiffness. Other factors can lead to musculoskeletal pain such as surgery, general deconditioning, pregnancy/childbirth, hypermobility or repetitive strain. Osteopaths are trained to detect, diagnose and manage these injuries across time – working in partnership with patients to support recovery. 

 I practice across two locations in the South Bristol area, in Saltford (BS31) and Knowle (BS4). The clinics are perfectly placed for easy access by patients from across the area as well as the nearby city of Bath.

Osteopathy Treatment on Patient’s Leg. Ellena West Osteopathy. Osteopathy, local Osteopathy, Osteopathy Treatment, Clinical Pilates, Physio Pilates, Medical Pilates. Saltford, Keynsham.
patient with injured knee lying on an examination table during kinesiology treatment. Kinesio tape, physical therapy, Ellena West Osteopathy. Osteopathy, local Osteopathy, Osteopathy Treatment, Clinical Pilates, Physio Pilates, Medical Pilates. Saltford, Keynsham.
Ellena West Osteopathy

Osteopath Appointment: What to Expect

On your initial visit a detailed case history is taken and you will be asked about any current symptoms or complaints.

A physical examination is then carried out during which your body’s posture, mobility and any injuries are assessed. Osteopathic examination makes use of careful case history taking and palpation, as well as using standardised mechanical and clinical tests.

After assessment the diagnosis will be explained so you know what to expect from your recovery. If Osteopathy is appropriate for you, treatment will be started on the first session.

The treatment itself is usually a combination of hands-on therapy, advice, home care and rehabilitation exercisesdepending on the presentation and stage of injury. In some cases, medical acupuncture or taping can be used to support recovery.

Please be reassured that if a diagnosis is unclear, or you don’t respond to treatment as expected, you will be referred to your GP or another health professional. 

Ellena West Osteopathy

Effectiveness of Osteopathy

Osteopaths use physical manipulation, stretching and massage techniques to increase the mobility of stiff joints, relieve muscle tension, reduce pain, enhance the blood supply to the tissues and help the body to heal. This is now mainstream care and indicated in the NICE guidelines for low back pain.

Each treatment is tailored to patient’s specific needs, but besides improving specific health and mobility problems osteopathy can have a positive holistic effect on all the body’s systems – circulatory, nervous and lymphatic.

Patients usually experience a noticeable improvement to their overall health and well-being, as well as their movement and mobility.

Among many other complaints people visit Osteopaths for the following conditions:

Muscular aches and pains
Neck pain
Shoulder pain
Postural problems
Digestive problems
Low back pain

Physiotherapist examining injured arm of male patient; stretching and exercise. Ellena West Osteopathy, local osteopathy, osteopathy treatment, clinical Pilates, physio Pilates, medical Pilates. Saltford, Keynsham

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